Edit and producing your
Podcast or YouTube

Edit and Mix your audio
to a professional standard

Podcast/YouTube/Audiobook/Radio Shows

What you get with this Offer

  • Add Intro and Outro music and FX
  • Frequency correction
  • Remove unwanted pauses, sounds such as «huum», «aaah»…
  • Remove background noise*
  • Remove background sibilance and hums*
  • Remove unpleasant reverberation*
  • Remove clipping*
  • Normalise the audio to create a consistent level of audio
  • Edit the audio timings to create a naturally paced podcast
  • Final Mastering to buyers specification for hosting platforms

Why us?

We provide you the perfect service of editing and post production that will free yourself from the technicalities, letting you dedicate 100% to the creative aspect. A precise editing, clean mixing and professional mastering will boost the quality of your show, making it more enjoyable for your audience

The delivery turnaround will be of max 24h, ideally even less depending on what time you get in touch (and so your time zone)

The price depends on the complexity of the work, and begin at $10

First you check the work, then you pay

Examples of work

Please check complicated cases that we can help you with:

This is the record from 1941, it contains background noise, and hum, reverberation, clicks, cracles, sibilance and extraneous sounds:

Before processing

After processing

Recording of telephone conversation from a podcast, it has a lot of background noise and hum, clipping, clicks and plosives are consonant sounds:

Before processing

After processing

If your record doesn’t sound as dirty as in the examples, then you will get excellent results while.working with us. But even in such difficult cases, we can help you

Our price

  • Up to 15 min
  • Low complexity
  • Up to 30 min
  • Low complexity
  • From 35 min
  • High complexity

«Lite» and «Standard» for podcast and YouTube includes:

  • Frequency correction
  • Remove unwanted pauses, such as «huum», «aaah»…
  • Remove background noise, sibilance and hums*
  • Remove unpleasant reverberation*
  • Normalise
  • Add Intro and Outro (optional/your tracks)
  • Final Mastering
  • Convert to the desired format

Extra paid:

  • 10 min and less + $10
  • Add sound to video + $5 (if the sound was originally taken from the video/for YouTube)
  • Creation original of intro and outro + $10(two choices, more options — discuss)
  • High complexity on «Lite» and «Standard» + $10(10 min and less)

Low complexity:

  • Homogeneous niose
  • Lack of extraneous sounds during speech (or a small amount, up to 3 for 10 min)

High complexity:

  • Different background noise in audio. It requires a complex integrated approach In order to avoid to get rid of this noise
  • The presence of frequent extraneous sounds

*Some sounds take so much space in the frequency spectrum it’s impossible to get rid of them

How it works

Send us audio

Send a link to the audio. Describe what you want to do

Cost & deadlines

We agree on the сost & deadlines

Showing the result

You check the quality of work

Pay for work

You pay for the work, we will send you the final version of the file

Our contact

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